About Us

Work At Home Sales Jobs is a subsidiary of SalesScripter, and was created as a place to connect salespeople that need work with employers that need salespeople. SalesScripter is a web-based software platform that helps salespeople, sales managers, and business owners create sales scripts.

While the concept of a job board for sales positions is not unique, what is special about the combination of SalesScripter and Work At Home Sales Jobs is that most many of the people that use SalesScripter are also needing to hire salespeople. With that being such a frequent need, we built an area in the SalesScripter application for the users to create job postings and those jobs are then displayed on Work At Home Sales Jobs for anyone to see and apply.

The Vision

Another thing that makes this job board unique is that many of the hiring managers that post the different jobs on Work At Home Sales jobs are using the same sales methodology (The SMART Sales System) and software (SalesScripter).

That means that when a salesperson completes a project for one SalesScripter customer, he or she will become familiar with the methodology and toolset. This is huge benefit for next hiring manager as onboarding will be easier and quicker.

With that, our vision for Work At Home Sales Jobs is that over time, the labor pool becomes deep with many people that have work on multiple projects and can be hired very quickly in a “sales on demand” type of model - almost an “uber for sales” type of offering.

How it Works

The job postings that are displayed on Work At Home Sales Jobs are actually created by SalesScripter users inside of the SalesScripter application. If you would like to post jobs, you will need to purchase a PRO subscription for SalesScripter and you can do that here.

When applicants apply to a job posting, the SalesScripter user that posted the job will be notified inside of the SalesScripter application and also receive an email notification.

Free Sales Training

SalesScripter uses a sales training methodology call The SMART Sales System. All users on Work At Home Sales Jobs will have free access to this sales training program. Many of the employers that have posted jobs are using The SMART Sales System so applicants that have completed the training program will be more attractive and easier to hire and onboard.

Stand Out From Other Salespeople

Each job seeker will have a SMART score. This score is simply the amount of training that they have completed - each training module will have a five question quiz and passing a quiz is how the system marks the module as complete.

All employers will be able to see all of the applicants’ SMART scores. Completing the training program is not only an easy way to show initiative, but it will also signal that you will be easier to train and onboard.